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Leadership Blog

Leader Roles People Play

Everyone plays a number of roles as a leader and in their relationships with others. The essence of personality, according to Raimundo, is the sum of the roles I play.
“And what do you do?”
How many times have you been asked this question? How many times have you asked it? My guess is more than once or twice.

When answering this question, most people respond with their job title or their job function: I’m a banker, I’m the CEO, I’m a teacher. Or they launch into their ‘elevator pitch’. We define ourselves often by the major role we play in life. And you know that you are much more than your job: I’m a CEO, husband, lover, father, child, brother, skier, scuba diver, teacher, sleeper, trainer, coach, friend, driver, passenger, dog-walker, saxophonist, cook, customer, eater, cleaner, golfer, author, writer, musician, listener, talker, leader, manager, accountant, salesman, communicator, website builder… and that’s just the more positive ones today. Am I good at all these? Not all, and not always. There are days when my golf, for example, is fluent and near perfect, today was not one of those days. Today, I was a “shank it in the water, find every bunker, slice it out of bounds” golfer.

Normal role development
Everyone plays a number of roles in their relationships with others. The essence of personality, according to Raimundo, is the sum of the roles I play.

As a leader, the way we relate to other people is through a role. The role we play must be complimentary, and must include a common link. My effectiveness as a leader is dependent on the effectiveness of the relationship which is the link between the roles. It is the “power” between me and […]

Breaking the Top 4 Leadership Myths « Linked 2 Leadership

Understanding Roadblocks to Success

When people grow up thinking that leaders are “always this” or “never that,” they can create unnecessary problems for themselves and for others around them. Misconceptions can build until they reach a mythical point in their mind.

And as time goes on, these “false truths” can hold people back from becoming something great.

They can stifle things like:

Personal and Professional Growth
Organizational Effectiveness
Bottom-line Results

via Breaking the Top 4 Leadership Myths « Linked 2 Leadership.

Six divers saved after going missing in Malaysia – truly excellent leadership

Six divers saved after going missing in Malaysia – Yahoo! News Singapore.

What’s Better Today?

I was unsurprised to hear on Saturday that 6 divers had not surfaced at the end of their dive near Tioman. I am an experienced scuba diver and have been caught in the current there myself to resurface a few hundred yards from the original drop off point.
What is truly heartening is that these 6 divers were found 21 hours later, 40 km away.
To be found is a blessing itself. To be found together… astounding. 5 of the divers are relatively inexperienced. And it is all too easy to drift at an ever so slightly different angle to your buddies. That the dive master managed to keep the group together is an example of excellent leadership.
If you think that keeping your own team at work together and heading in the same direction during a recession is tough. Imagine doing so under extreme duress for a very long time. Now imagine that each individual is not just being pulled along by their own will, but by a force that is vastly more powerful and over which you have absolutely no control whatsoever. Now that would be a real test of your leadership!
Thank God they were found safe. The dive boat captain and all those involved did just what they should. The tug boat captain who found them was on the lookout because he happened to have read a news item on his iPad. All deserve praise. But most of all, the fact that all 6 kept together across a 40km drift can only be the result of truly excellent leadership.
What’s the most taxing circumstances you have faced in your leadership?

The Real War for Talent

The war is not to find talent; it’s to use the talent you have already.

The search for talent is ongoing. Individuals seek to develop their talents, companies seek to identify talent and retain it, succession planning requires it, politicians plan for it, and the world wants to find it. But what is it?

I was having dinner at a friend’s home and the subject came up because their 11 year old son had recently brought home his school report card which stated from his art teacher: ” talent is yet to be fully developed.” His mother, always one for a quick tongue responded “His only talent is making excuses for not doing his homework.”

The young boy sat at the table grimacing and whilst his mum meant it in jest, there was an element of truth in it. I said “I see a glittering future as a political spin-doctor.” The boy’s eyes lit up. This so-called talent had a purpose.

The word “talent” is bandied around for so many things and we don’t always truly understand what is meant by “talent”. So to the trusty dictionary…
Talent: innate mental or artistic aptitude (as opposed to acquired ability); less than genius.
So what is innate?
Innate: existing in one from birth; inborn; native: innate musical talent.
Now, my core business is experiential training and a behaviouralist, so if talent cannot be acquired… Better find a better definition…
Talent: natural ability to do something well.
‘That nasty word ‘natural’
Natural: based on the state of things in nature; constituted by nature: Growth is a natural process.
The Thesaurus, always illuminating, and find ‘talent’ associated with words like ‘ability’, ‘ ‘adeptness’, ‘adroitness’, ‘charisma’, ‘facility’, ‘gift’, ‘knack’, ‘wisdom’, ‘gumption’, ‘capacity’, ‘brilliance’ and ‘genius’

Is it seems that you […]

How leadership character shapes the market

So the economy is in the pits… again.

The markets react to the slightest hint of bad news, good news, indifferent news, rumour and just occasionally, fact.

I was having a conversation with a business leader yesterday over coffee and we got to wondering why so many people jump on the bandwagons of bear and bull markets when there’s little or no substantive factual information to support such reactions… excepting that by doing so they actually create the facts after the fact as it were. Confused? So were we.

Especially when the bulk of the markets’ reactions to the speculation is created by young, go-getter, mostly money-driven Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers who have zero actual experience running businesses. The only thing they can rely on are the standard formula. But even that doesn’t explain everything. Perhaps the fuel of market reaction is more subtle, are they responding to the leadership character of these organizations?

In 2002, Jim Collins wrote an excellent article for Fast Company Magazine asking if the economy was built to flip? And states that the truth is: “The problem isn’t the market’s rise or fall. The problem is people who react to events, rather than seek to create something great.”

Is there an underlying flaw in the economies of the world? Or is it the erosion of leadership character in the organizations and those ‘money-hungry’ young traders are simply responding to something intangible. We have ample evidence that senior leaders in several of the world’s richest and biggest institutions are selfish, egotistical and extrinsically motivated – focused entirely on the bottom line to the exclusion of the people who actually create that bottom line.

Why is the world economy so concerned with how the markets are […]

Competence and Competency

Competence and Competency//

SMARTening Up Your Goals

Smartening Up Your Goals – Gain Your Goal Setting Advantage//

We’re back!

Well that was a painful day!

Yes, some kind yet sad and pathetic person chose to hack us. Why? I can only surmize that they have no life and want to cause havoc to people who genuinely want to make a positive difference. Well so be it… Then through my email cam today’s devotional…
Thanking God At All Times
Hebrews 13:15
15Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.

So here is my response to this attack. Thank your Lord, for only You have the first word and the last word.

We’re back already. Better, more organized, stronger and ready to work with you.

Make a difference in someone’s life today. Ask them “What’s better today?” and then Thank God you have the opportunity to do so.



Loosen your grip to stay in control

Loosen your grip to stay in control

What helps distinguish leaders and managers is about control and, quite literally, how “hands-on” you are. When you first learn the game of golf, the chances are that you grip the club tightly. After all this is basically holding onto a stick that you will swing through the air and hit a ball. Allowing the club to “follow-through’ – if you don’t hold on tight, the club might just go as far as the ball.

(I appreciate that many of you reading this may not have ever played golf, for you some alternatives, perhaps liken the tight grip of a golf club to:

the tight grip of the reins of a horse
controlling your dog on a very short leash
holding on tight to your child’s hand )

New golfers have to learn how to ‘let go’ – to relax their grip. If a tight grip is a 10 on a scale, we want a 4 out of 10. The same is true of leadership and the way we hold on to our people. Hold on too tight (micro manage) and people have little freedom to use their own skills and strength. Hold on too tight to the club, and it is the golfer doing all the work.

So the question is: “who should be doing the work?” The manager or leader or the member of staff?

The golf club is weighted for a reason. If you allow the club to do the work, the swing and striking of the ball, becomes almost effortless. Relax your grip on your team and allow them to excel at what they do, and the work becomes almost effortless.

Once you know, as a golfer, that the club is designed […]