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Most powerful is he who has himself in his powerI love this picture. It reminds me of the day I faced “The Wall” at Avoriaz, France. Admittedly I wasn’t going quite so fast, nor would I have looked so confident… more trepeditious with shaking legs and pounding heart than elegant and together. But still, I did it, and it’s a moment I am proud to recall.Making the decision to push myself off the edge of that near vertical ski-slope was tough. “The Wall” has a reputation for tripping up even the best skiers, let alone someone who could lose a few kilos and whose fitness levels could be a lot higher. But it was challenge I couldn’t resist. I had to prove it to myself. Foolhardy? Probably.The great thing about skiing though, is once the decision is made to go… changing your mind, turning around and going back… well that’s a lot more effortful than continuing down. That doesn’t mean that going down is easy, it just means that you have to constantly experiment until you overcome the obstacles… or fall over trying. True, it is dangerous, but the celebration and feeling of accomplishment when you finally make it… now that is priceless.

[pwal id=”36524228″ description=”Read the rest by Liking us”]Life is not like skiing. Most often the easiest choice to make is the one that avoids the obstacles. Something happens to interrupt (or sabotage) our plans and we adapt to avoid the problem, which leads to undesired results and disappointment. Our vision is to survive, so when something else blocks out path, we adapt to avoid that too, and on and on it goes. In the end, we blame anyone else for our own disappointment and beat ourselves up for our lack of courage and dwell in the misery of our own making…


Life is difficult! Who told you this was going to be easy?

Choose to be at cause for your life, become your own master and grab hold of the victory that is yours.

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Another opportunity to get my book for free

WBT Book CoverMany of you have written to me in the past couple of weeks since my new book was launched, lamenting how you had missed my giveaway. Well, you can always pay for it you know 🙂 Annie and I are ever so happy when people do. In the meantime, because I have done this to reach out to as many people as I can, I’ve scheduled another free period on Amazon.PLEASE NOTE: It will be free after 4pm on Sunday 3rd February 2013 through to 4pm on Monday 4th February 2013 Singapore time (it’s midnight to midnight PST). You can get your copy right now from the Amazon Kindle Store What’s Better Today? How to Grow and Learn into the Leader You Can Be.Oh, and this is digital download – the print version will be out in March. For those of you in Asia (which is most of you), The Kindle store may say “not available in your region’… please just change your region on the website, I have no idea why Amazon should decide it is not available in this region, it is and will be.

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Be greatly blessed

Foundations of Caddying

PLC4 Programme GraphicNow available as a separate module. Learn more here.
A 90 Day action learning programme to ensure that your new coaching and mentoring skills are transferred to the workplace and life.
Supported with

  • 1-2-1 and Group Coaching sessions,
  • our fantastic new learning and coaching platform and the
  • best Leadership Caddies.
  • On successful completion, you will be a certified WBT Caddy.

Ideal for organizations who know they need to cascade a coaching culture to get ahead of the competition. Contact John now to discuss how we can partner with you to ensure your team are equipped for the challenges ahead.
For those who want to grow more in their leadership, the Foundations programme prepares you for the Five PLC modules so that you can become a Certified Professional Leadership Caddy too.[/pwal]