The information in this article is critical to your well-being, your success, your business and your health but you will probably not make it to the end, at least not without interruptions and multiple distractions. While reading, you will receive at least 5-15 emails, one or two phone calls, 3-25 instant or text messages and a colleague or two may pop-by for a ‘quick’ chat. You may visit a Web site and get distracted though I do promise to keep this interesting enough so you come back.
How many hours a day do you send ‘doing’ email? Then you’ll try doing other tasks, with some success or not as the day appears to dictate. A 2005 study showed that the typical knowledge worker allows distractions to eat up 25% of the working day, that they spend 11 minutes on a task before distraction and it then takes 25 minutes to return to the original task.

Whatever your job title, you probably spend a large proportion of your time using your computer. Of course, you may divide that time between a tablet, a smart phone and a computer but it is all screen working for want of a better phrase.

We could hark back to the ‘good old days’ when a computer filled an entire floor of the building and was used by strange looking science-types wearing white coats and the secretarial pool spent most of their time typing carbon copies or cleaning the Gestener machine ink from their hands. Those days when sending a file to someone involved boarding a train or licking a stamp. When a telephone on your desk was a mark of prestige and seniority.

But it’s not the 1960’s. We have incredible technology designed to enable instant communication, smart, colourful, bright open office filled with a […]