Stress and anxiety. It can smack you in the head when you least expect it.

It can creep up on you and before you realize what has happened, your skin tingles, your heart is racing, your breathing shallow and you are ready to lash out at your nearest and dearest for minor offenses.

In previous oists, I have explained what happens in your brain and the different types of stress. Now lets look at the 5 areas in your life that are affected by stress. The more we know about our own peculiar stress response, the more readily we can deal with it effectively.

The first area of life we’ll look at is the Journey.

Your journey is your path through life – it’s your story, your memories, your history, your beliefs,values, purpose and calling. Stress in this area is often caused by the lack of something or an imbalance in our journey in life and the choices we have made. For many, it is a lack of defined purpose – quaintly referred to as a “mid-life crisis” (should be) where we suddenly start asking ourselves “what’s the point of all of this?” (alone). Stress here can also be tied to our memories and history of fear and worry in the past and triggered in the present.

The second area of our life, we call “Doing”. This is the sphere of action and reaction – the practical aspects of our life. Stress and anxiety in this area can be caused through a feeling of overwhelm or overload because we believe we cannot do what is necessary (persistence) – or perhaps we have simply taken on too much. Perhaps we feel that the risk of action is too great and […]