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GAINMORE Advantedge Potential to Performance Success System – 2012 – July

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The Science of Artistic Persuasion [LeaderShift!]

The Rules of Persuasion

Do you know how to influence and persuade someone,

Influence investigates the causes of human change – whether that change is a behaviour, an attitude, or a belief.

Inducing a change in behaviour is called compliance.
Inducing a change in attitude is called persuasion.
Inducing a change in belief is called either education orpropaganda – depending on your perspective.

This LeaderShift is focused on developing your persuasiveness.

“People don;t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
― Dr John C Maxwell

Winning their Heart and Mind

Persuasion attempts to win “the heart and mind” of the target. Thus persuasion must induce attitude change, which entails affective (emotion-based) change. Although persuasion is more difficult to induce, its effects last longer because the target actually accepts and internalizes the advocacy.


The influences Cialdini (Cialdini, 2008) describes creates a powerful urge to respond, which he describes as a “click-whir” response that is automatic. The first rule is:

The Rule of Reciprocity

The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us.
The implication for leaders is that you have to go first. Give your followers (or intended followers) something: give information, give authority, give coaching, give a positive experience to people and they will want to give you something in return.

When someone gives you something that is undeserved, unearned or just ‘out of the blue’. What is your immediate thought?

Thank you that’s very kind of you to be so gracious.
What do you want?

The second, right? You are already anticipating paying them back!

Is this underhanded? Well it could be if your intentions are bad. But if your intentions are good, why not ‘soften them up first’.

When this is a less good idea. When you are doing so after the fact rather than before. For example, buying […]

What’s Better Today? Massive speed shift!

First, I’d like to thank you for joining me here today and I apologise for the slight hiccough in my posting.

When I started the video blog and posting about five times a week (thanks in part to Michael Hyatt’s excellent book “Platform”) and your encouragement. Yet there have been two downsides to this:

I need to maintain that discipline (something I have never been especially known for 🙂 ) and
Server load times were becoming unbearable

So I needed to fix number 2, before continuing with number 1!

I trust that today, when you visited, you were awed by the amazing speed the pages load?? I’ve shifted to a dedicated wordpress host (WPEngine), and am already astounded by the ease and speed of this transition. Now it seems that the DNS has propogated and I can be assured that the server won’t fall over (as my last host did last weekend) , I can get back to writing and video recording.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for visiting.

Have you got any tips to share about maintaining a good posting rate for your blog?


The Challenges of Leading in the middle – Influence

7. The Influence Challenge
Leading others beyond your position is not easy.

Think Influence not Position
How to become a person whom people will want to follow

People follow leaders they know – leaders who care.
People follow leaders they trust – Leaders with Character.
People follow leaders they respect – Leaders who are competent.
People follow leaders they approach – Leaders who are consistent.
People follow leaders they admire – Leaders with commitment.

The Challenges of Leading in the middle – Vision

6. The Vision Challenge
Championing the vision is more difficult  when you didn’t create it

The more you invest in the vision, the more it becomes your own.

How people respond to the vision challenge

Attack it – Criticize and sabotage it
Ignore it – And do their own thing
Abandon it – Leave the organization


Adapt to it – Find a way to align with the vision
Champion it  – Take the leader’s vision and make it a reality
Add Value to it

The Challenges of Leading in the middle – Fulfillment

5. The Fulfilment Challenge
Leaders like the front rather than the middle.

Leadership is more disposition than position – influence others from wherever you are.

How to be fulfilled in the middle of the pack?
See the big picture
Define a win in terms of teamwork.
Engage in continual communication.
Gain experience and maturity.

Maturity doesn’t come with age
It begins with the acceptance of responsibility
Ed Cole

The Challenges of Leading in the middle – My Ego

4. The Ego Challenge
“You’re often hidden in the middle”

Remember that consistently good leadership does get noticed.

“True heroism is remarkably sober,  very undramatic.  It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever the cost, but the urge to serve others whatever the cost.”Arthur Ashe

How to handle the ego challenge

Concentrate more on your duties than your dreams.
Appreciate the value of your position
Find satisfaction in knowing the real reason for the success of the project.
Understand the difference between self promotion and selfless promotion.
Self vs. selfless promotion

The Challenges of Leading in the middle – Too Many Hats

3. The Multi-Hat Challenge
One head…. many hats

Knowing what hat to put on and then enjoying the challenge.

Hat Suggestions

The hat sets the context when interacting with others.
Don’t use one hat to accomplish the task required for another hat.
When you change hats, don’t change your personality.
Don’t neglect the hat you are responsible to wear.
Remain flexible.

Only secure and mature people are continually flexible.

The Challenges of leading in the middle – Frustration!

2. The Frustration Challenge
Following an ineffective leader…

Your job isn’t to fix the leader. It’s to add value

Relieving the Frustration Challenge

Develop a solid relationship with your leader.
Identify and appreciate your leader’s strengths.
Commit yourself to adding value to your leader’s strengths.
Get permission to develop a game plan to complement your leader’s weaknesses.
Expose your leader to good leadership resources.
Publically affirm your leader

The Challenges of Leading in the middle – Tension

1. The Tension Challenge
The pressure of being caught in the middle

Learn to lead with the restrictions others have placed on you.

Relieving the Tension Challenge

Become comfortable with the middle.
Comfort is a function of understanding and valuing your position.
Know what to own and what to let go.
Find quick access to answers when caught in the middle.
Never violate your position or the trust of the leader.
Find a way to relieve your stress.

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Shift your leadership and influence to a new level


Challenges to Develop your Leadership

Leadership is Influence

“Leadership is influence” according to John C. Maxwell (Maxwell, 2010), and you can raise your level of influence with others.

Now, where would you like to be with yourself? Most likely level 3 – “Production”, 4 – “People Development” or even level 5 – “Personhood”?

I’ll guess that this is one level beyond your current level.
So how do I raise my level of influence?

“Leadership is influence – nothing more nothing less”
― Dr John C Maxwell

From Level 1 – “Position” or “Power”

If you are at level 1 (reliant on your position to have power over someone to influence them) – struggling to attain level 2 (reliant on others permission to influence them) – I recommend that you seek professional help. I don’t mean a psychiatrist – I mean a coach or mentor, and now would be a very good idea!

If you are at level 1, chances are very high that there is no-one in your life currently at level 4 – i.e. no-one that you respect for how they have developed you as an individual.

Find yourself a coach or mentor. This is the person you want as a coach or mentor ideally.
Short of that, ask around – or get onto our website, we’ll happily point you to someone we’ve worked with in the past who might be suitable.

From Level 2 and upwards

From Level 2 – “Permission” or “Relationship”

Those of you at level 2, wanting to get to level 3 – “Production” or results…

You could start with your boss, or your more successful peers, friends or family members. Ask them to help you push yourself. It’s amazing once you start to get the results you want – then you’ll respect yourself for it and rely less and less on others influencing you.

Establish a SMART goal that […]