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LeaderShift – Procrastination – a tool for life

LeaderSHift! – Most ALL of us use procrastination at some time in our lives, do we not?


Challenges to Develop your Leadership

Procrastination. A Tool for Life!

It seems to me if a tool is so widely used, there must be something to it. As a leadership caddy, procrastination is almost always the first thing my clients want to eliminate from their lives. As you will read, I advise them not to eliminate the very tool that is there to help them navigate the rough spots in life and business.

“If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.”
Rita Mae Brown

Detour ahead

Think of procrastination as a detour in the road. The purpose of a detour is to give us a warning, help us avoid something unnavigable, or dangerous and provides a safer route. Detours usually take a little longer, they circumvent the problem, but in the end we arrive at our destination unscathed. In most cases you will discover that properly employed procrastination, like a detour, will give you an alternate route to the solution of the problem at hand.

A Tool for Life

What if procrastination was a good thing, and we stopped beating ourselves up about it and learned why we do it?
 I often find myself procrastinating whilst my brain appears to be “mulling” it over and finding solutions to the problem.

There are two key types of procrastination that I, and my clients experience:

The Put Off: We Put off something we do not like doing. Sometimes if we procrastinate long enough it causes another person to do it for us, sometimes it becomes too late to do it and we end up not having to do it at all. What if instead, we looked at what it was we were putting off, determined it was something distasteful to […]

Get your ducks lined up

Once we have determined our purpose and outcome for our communication, the next essential step is to organize our message for the audience.

How do you make sure that your message is organized?

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Six divers saved after going missing in Malaysia – truly excellent leadership

Six divers saved after going missing in Malaysia – Yahoo! News Singapore.

What’s Better Today?

I was unsurprised to hear on Saturday that 6 divers had not surfaced at the end of their dive near Tioman. I am an experienced scuba diver and have been caught in the current there myself to resurface a few hundred yards from the original drop off point.
What is truly heartening is that these 6 divers were found 21 hours later, 40 km away.
To be found is a blessing itself. To be found together… astounding. 5 of the divers are relatively inexperienced. And it is all too easy to drift at an ever so slightly different angle to your buddies. That the dive master managed to keep the group together is an example of excellent leadership.
If you think that keeping your own team at work together and heading in the same direction during a recession is tough. Imagine doing so under extreme duress for a very long time. Now imagine that each individual is not just being pulled along by their own will, but by a force that is vastly more powerful and over which you have absolutely no control whatsoever. Now that would be a real test of your leadership!
Thank God they were found safe. The dive boat captain and all those involved did just what they should. The tug boat captain who found them was on the lookout because he happened to have read a news item on his iPad. All deserve praise. But most of all, the fact that all 6 kept together across a 40km drift can only be the result of truly excellent leadership.
What’s the most taxing circumstances you have faced in your leadership?


Share your Testimonial

LeaderShift! – Tall Poppies


Equipping and Enabling Your Leadership Advantage

Are you suffering from tall poppy syndrome?


challenges to develop your leadership

Tall Poppy Syndrome

There’s a tall poppy in every workplace . They’re the people who seem to have it all. Whether it’s looks, talent, success or simply they got what you deserve. Resentment can soon build and, left unchecked, turn into abject misery.

So before you let yourself get caught in the trap… learn how to handle your own ego

“True heroism is remarkably sober,  very undramatic.  It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever the cost, but the urge to serve others whatever the cost.”Arthur Ashe

The Ego Challenge

If you’re feeling hidden in the middle of the pack and perhaps resenting others achievements or apparent success, then maybe it’s your ego getting in the way.Instead, this week, go and find that individual and talk with them. They probably need your kindness much more than you need to beat yourself up for resenting them int he first place.

Handling the Ego Challenge

Concentrate more on your duties than your dreams.
Appreciate the value of your position
Find satisfaction in knowing the real reason for the success of the project.
Understand the difference between self promotion and selfless promotion.
Self vs. selfless promotion



Executive Presentation Skills

acquire the skills and confidence to organize and deliver an effective presentation to any size audience 
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What’s Better Today?

John’s new Video Blog series, What’s Better Today?  

Feedback Sandwich

Online tutorial for you to learn how to use the single, most powerful tool you’ll ever need as a a leader, the “Feedback Sandwich”.
Make a fresh one today!

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Don’t be such a crab!

Do you have someone in your office who is forever pulling others down?

Whenever someone wants to achieve something new or simply take responsibility to make something happen, they just pull you down and do everything they can to stop you. There are even some leaders who do this with their team members… the moment one of the team tries to achieve something, they do their best to pull them down… well they’re being a crab.

What do you do to get away from their pincers?

Procrastination – a tool for life!

Since so many people complain of their own procrastination, why not turn it into a positive tool?


What’s Better Today? Why do we settle for less than our vision demands?

All too often I hear from clients that they haven’t (yet) fulfilled their dreams and goals. Indeed, many have settled for something less… why?

Have you settled for less than your dream or vision demands? Why?

What’s Better Today? What’s Your Pitch?

I was discussing this with friends and colleagues last night about their “elevator pitch”. Most of them work for organizations and thought that they didn’t need one. But when I asked how they ‘sell’ themselves for their next promotion or at conferences, or even when they are seeking the next job, they concurred that we all need a good (and quick) pitch.

Fortunately, I recently read Michael Hyatt’s excellent new book “Platform”  and so I had a very succinct, and the easiest 4 step process for creating one:

Product or Category
Problem Solved
Key benefit of your solution

What’s yours?

Welcome to the all new LeaderShift! The Flea Circus is Coming to Town

Equipping and Enabling Your Leadership Advantage

LeaderSHift! – Have you joined the Flea Circus?


Challenges to develop your leadership

Have you joined the Flea Circus?

HiNow first off I owe you an apology for being absent form your inbox fro a while. No excuses, just a lack of discipline on my part to keep up with writing and sending LeaderShift!s, oh and  afew technical issues with my previous email system. Now, as you may have noticed, I’ve switchewd over to Mailchimp and at last everything appears to be working well.So that out of the way. This week’s LeaderShift! is inspired by my poor dog’s suffering the current flea infestation in Singapore. No, it’s not becaus eshe’s dirty, if anything, she’s been getting even more attention and cleaning since this began about 3 weeks ago. Anyhow it got me thinking about fleas and leadership…The Flea Circus was a phenomenon of the 19th century in Europe. Impressive performances viewed through a magnifying glass of fleas pulling carts, jumping hoops of fire and many more. But how did they train a flea to do that? So herewith, flea training for you…

Take your flea (plenty of them in the grass outside your home at the moment) and place the flea in a jar with a glass lid. The flea will immediately try and jump. The flea is one of the most impressive jumpers in the world reaching up to 300 times its own height. The flea will bang its head on the glass lid. Then the flea will do it again and again and again until finally it ‘learns’ that jumping just short of the lid is less painful. And so, the flea stays jumping within the confines of the galss lid. […]