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GAINMORE Advantedge Potential to Performance Success System – 2011 – July

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Competence and Competency

Competence and Competency//

SMARTening Up Your Goals

Smartening Up Your Goals – Gain Your Goal Setting Advantage//

How do you influence?

Are you at cause for influencing yourself to greater things or are you at the effect of others, the environment and the outside world?
In golf, there are only two things that affect your game. Yes, sorry, just the two things. The first is physics. The golf ball, your clubs, the course are all subject to the laws of physics.

You might say that the weather changes the way the ball behaves. Yes indeed it can and does, cool air temperatures effect the turbulence of the air and hence the flight of the ball… just physics.
You might suggest that your swing technique changes the way you strike the ball and hence its direction and distance – yes true – just physics.
The only part of golf that is not directly about physics is the you part – not your technique, strength, everything physical is, well physics.

No, the only non-physical part is mental. There are those that will scientifically argue that this too is physics – after all, the mental part is about electrons, neurons etc that obey the laws of physics. Yes this may be true, however, there is an important distinction, you can do nothing about the laws of physics. Not a thing. Rien. Zip. Nada. Naff all. Zero. You can’t change it – you can use it – because the laws of physics don’t change – knowing what physics is at work and how to use that knowledge to increase distance, improve direction and so on – now that’s useful knowledge – see, you now wish that you’d paid more attention in school.

The distinction is that the mental part of the game is something that you can change. Yes the neurons and so on that […]

The Rule of Reciprocity

Influence LeaderShift 1 –
Influence investigates the causes of human change – whether that change is a behaviour, an attitude, or a belief.

Inducing a change in behaviour is called compliance.
Inducing a change in attitude is called persuasion.
Inducing a change in belief is called either education or propaganda – depending on your perspective.

This LeaderShift is focused on developing your persuasiveness.

Persuasion attempts to win “the heart and mind” of the target. Thus persuasion must induce attitude change, which entails affective (emotion-based) change. Although persuasion is more difficult to induce, its effects last longer because the target actually accepts and internalizes the advocacy.
The influences Cialdini (Cialdini, 2008) describes creates a powerful urge to respond, which he describes as a “click-whir” response that is automatic. The first rule is:

Reciprocity rule
The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us.

The implication for leaders is that you have to go first. Give your followers (or intended followers) something: give information, give authority, give coaching, give a positive experience to people and they will want to give you something in return.

When someone gives you something that is undeserved, unearned or just ‘out of the blue’. What is your immediate thought?

Thank you that’s very kind of you to be so gracious.
What do you want?

Number 2 right? You are already anticipating paying them back!

Is this underhanded? Well it could be if your intentions are bad. But if your intentions are good, why not ‘soften them up first’.

When this is a less good idea. When you are doing so after the fact rather than before. For example, buying someone a gift because you’ve just wrecked their car and have yet to confess.

This is why I give you free […]


What is persuasion?
As a leader, your skills of persuasion are often the most critical determinants of your success. Or at least, that’s what many people believe.

If it’s so important then, why do so few people actually develop this competency?

It is a skill that (much like leadership itself) is something many think that you either have it, or you do not. You may even have said of someone, in some awe, “Oh, s/he’s very persuasive”.

So what is it and how do you develop this skill?

Let me start with the dictionary again…

Firstly, what is persuasion?

per·sua·sion per-swey-zhuhn –noun

1. the act of persuading or seeking to persuade.

2. the power of persuading; persuasive force.

3. the state or fact of being persuaded or convinced.

4. a deep conviction or belief.

So when we talk about persuuading someone, the skill is to persuade or your persuasiveness…
Persuasive Per*sua”sive, n.

That which persuades; an inducement; an incitement; an exhortation. — Per*sua”sive*ly, adv. —

Per*sua”sive*ness, n.

the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty; “the strength of his argument settled the matter”

The literature usually instructs us to follow two parallel streams of logic. First, we are taught to frame the message based on the other party’s needs and the specifics of the situation. Sadly, this advice is tantamount to telling an insomniac that the best cure for his problem is a good night’s sleep. ‘Framing’ your message should be based on the needs and the situation. (Sussman 1999).
Secondly, the message should be constructed such that the recipient perceives it with an overarching theme, either evaluative or descriptive. For example, we may want the recipient to interpret the message through a filter of […]

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The Craftsman leader clear headed technical leader
The Craftsman leader clear headed technical leader. Deeply aware of their own qualities, characteristics and skills. They excel in their area.

These leaders, rehearse and practice even during a project – working on particular aspects of their management and leadership that needs attention.

This leader excels when tinkering with the minutai details of how to run a particular project. These leaders prefer a low stress day, first time solutions, and polish for the final quality will suit them just fine. Quiet and concentrate more on achieveing great results than prideful trumpeting of achievements, these are solid leaders and maintain a consistent high performance.

The Craftsman leader likes a smooth-running business where they can constantly and continuously improve aspects of their business in incremental steps. They invite you to examine their work, highlighting the intricate detail and fine product.

Tony Fernandez, Gordone Bethune, Andy Grove, Sandy Weill are some examples I believe are here.
Developing craftsmen
Organiazations and CEO’s often shy away from developing the craftsmen in their team. They know that they need the quality and steady high performance they bring.

In fact, some are held back from progressing only because there’s just one step to go to being a chess-player leader and may even be perceived as a threat to those above and on the Boardroom.

Most of these leaders are an inspiration to their teams – enjoying and praising high quality work and performance, they encourage those without to develop the technical skills and their “soft skills”.

Often, these leaders act as mentors to others – with great experience and with the balance of the high achievement focus of the conquerer, and the strategic politicing of the chess player.

So what does this leader need to […]

Leadership Characteristics

Your leadership characteristics are the sum of your personality, habits, behaviours and attitude
Here we identify the most important leadership characteristics and how you can develop your leadership character.

When we started using the game of golf as our classroom to develop leadership we noticed a similarity between the way people play golf, and their leadership characteristics.

Originally, we created nicknames for our participants as an easy means of communication between us trainers. The nicknames not only stuck, it spurred me to delve in and research. What I found was that there were 9 major styles of golfer that corresponded with their leadership nature. For example, the golf “Conqueror” – the guy (and it was usually a guy) who smacks the ball as a far as possible and uses the biggest baddest club in the bag… well, he was just like that as a leader.

We identified nine different character types and with a little imagination created the “9 Character’s of Leadership.
Nine Leadership Characters
There are nine main ‘styles’ of leadership – the 9 Characters.

By ‘style’, I do not mean to refer to an individual’s personality or their innate character as though this were true. I am, instead, referring to the way in which you perform at your best and most naturally – which may represent your true personality – best to ask your spouse or a close friend who knows you in many other situations as well. This is your character paradigm.

We’ll consider each of the characters or styles in turn, pointing out the dominant leadership characteristics displayed and consider a few well known business leaders who fit each style. Your job is to identify your own style amongst these nine – finding the one which most accurately matches your […]

We’re back!

Well that was a painful day!

Yes, some kind yet sad and pathetic person chose to hack us. Why? I can only surmize that they have no life and want to cause havoc to people who genuinely want to make a positive difference. Well so be it… Then through my email cam today’s devotional…
Thanking God At All Times
Hebrews 13:15
15Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.

So here is my response to this attack. Thank your Lord, for only You have the first word and the last word.

We’re back already. Better, more organized, stronger and ready to work with you.

Make a difference in someone’s life today. Ask them “What’s better today?” and then Thank God you have the opportunity to do so.